By creating House of Anita Dongre, Anita Dongre, along with her younger sister Meena Sehra and younger brother Mukesh Sawlani, entered a market that she would lead for the next 20+ years.

Anita Dongre, who studied fashion design at SNDT university

Worked for a couple of places as a fashion designer and found that

A lot of designs she wanted for herself were rejected by people.

She felt the pain of all young women who wanted to wear something new, Western, and non-existent in the current Indian market.

Additionally, being from a family with a conventional mindset, she wanted to break the chain and always eyed being an entrepreneur.

With the mission to get fashionable clothes that people refused to make, Anita started her own business and involved her younger brother and sister too.

When they started in 1985:

🔴 Had no fixed place to work

🔴 Couldn’t pay rent so kept moving

🔴 Started in a small 300 sq. foot area

🔴 Thought of giving up multiple times

By the end of 2022:

🔵 Stores open overseas

🔵 Have 41+ exclusive stores

🔵 Revenue crossed 417 crore 

🔵 Growing at a CAGR of 50%+

🔵 Owns 4 brands including 1 for jewellery

🔵 Collaborate with 250+ Point of Sale terminals

This resulted in House of Anita Dongre becoming a market leader by venturing out into different categories and creative designs that all women wanted.