In 1988, Mahesh Gupta, the founder of Kent RO, experienced a life-altering incident during a family vacation.

Both of his children fell severely ill after consuming contaminated water, leading to jaundice.

Witnessing the suffering of his kids, Gupta realized the urgency of finding a solution to water contamination issues that plagued households across India.

This pivotal moment created a groundbreaking product that revolutionized the water purification industry.

The Birth of Kent RO:

Upon investigating the available water purifiers in the market, Gupta discovered that the prevalent UV (Ultra Violet) filters could not remove dissolved impurities, the root cause of diseases like jaundice.

His research led him to the Reverse Osmosis (RO) process, a technology that effectively eliminated dissolved impurities. However, RO water filters were not yet available in India.

Importing a prototype RO filter from the USA, Gupta began experimenting with creating a functional RO water purifier at home.

After overcoming numerous challenges through trial and error, he successfully developed the first RO Residential Water Purifier, branding it as “KENT RO Water Purifier.”

KENT RO became the most successful startup story in its domain.

Initial Struggles and Persistence:

Initially, the Kent RO Water Purifier was priced at Rs. 20,000, a considerable amount during that time.

Undeterred by the challenges, Gupta embarked on a door-to-door sales journey, passionately explaining the importance of consuming pure water to potential customers.

In the early days, sales were modest, averaging around 10-12 monthly.

Slowly, public awareness grew, and as incomes increased, the price of water purifiers began to decrease with rising volumes.

This shift in consumer perception and affordability contributed to the gradual uptake of Kent RO Water Purifiers.

Kent RO Today:

From those humble beginnings, Kent RO has evolved into an industry giant. Gupta’s relentless pursuit of providing clean and safe drinking water to every household has paid off.

Kent’s state-of-the-art factory can now produce an astounding 5 million Kent RO Water Filters monthly.

The brand became a household and secured a significant market share, currently having a share of 40%.

Recognizing the transformative impact of Kent RO, renowned actress Hema Malini serves as its brand ambassador.


Mahesh Gupta’s journey from a concerned father seeking a solution for his children’s health to establishing a Rs. 1000+ Crore brand in the water purification industry is a testament to perseverance and the pursuit of a noble cause.

Kent RO’s success story underscores the idea that innovative solutions emerge from challenging circumstances.

Gupta’s vision has not only changed the trajectory of his own life but has also positively impacted millions of households across India, ensuring access to clean and pure drinking water.