By creating Rebel Foods, Kallol Banerjee and Jaydeep Burman were one of the first people to venture out into providing food online.

Jaydeep Burman, an alumnus of INSEAD and

Kallol Banerjee, an alumnus of IIM Lucknow and INSEAD

Joined hands together to offer Western food like rolls with an Indian touch.

They started by opening a few QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) and selling rolls physical and online rolls.

While the initiative was great and they were getting orders, they had a high cost in terms of rent of commercial spaces, upkeep of QSRs, etc.

Soon they realized that a lot of their customers hadn’t even been to a “Fasoos” outlet (the first outlet under Rebel Foods).

In the beginning of 2010:

🔴 Focused on making QSRs

🔴 Had high cost involved due to the nature of outlets

🔴 Most customers hadn’t even visited the “Fasoos” outlets

By the end of 2022:

🔵 Shifted completely to cloud kitchens

🔵 Became one of India’s unicorn startups 

🔵 Raised $ 564 million+ in funding rounds

🔵 Own 15+ different fast-food brands like “Fasoos”

🔵 Crossed rupee 900 crore mark in annual revenue

🔵 Focusing on expanding towards different countries

By this simple strategy of making cloud kitchens and giving customers competitive prices, Rebel Foods has become one of the largest brands and gives competition to giants like Zomato and Swiggy. Website: