Bharat Kalia’s journey from a cushy corporate job to becoming the promoter of Lifelong Online is a testament to his boldness and a bit of madness.

Identifying a gap in the market for improved home appliances and consumer durables, Bharat set out to create a brand that not only addressed customer pain points but also revolutionized the production and distribution of these products.

Lifelong Online emerged as a customer-centric brand, challenging traditional models and reshaping the industry. It became a successful startup story in its domain,

Identifying Problems and Crafting Solutions:

Bharat perceived stagnation in the evolution of home appliances and consumer durables compared to advancements in mobile phones and TVs.

The problems were multifaceted: outdated appliances, a lack of direct customer feedback, and inefficiencies in production and distribution.

However, instead of being deterred by these challenges, Bharat saw them as opportunities to disrupt the market.

Bharat’s Solutions:

  1. Customer-Backward Approach: Lifelong Online adopted a customer-centric model, understanding pain points and preferences and tailored products accordingly.
  2. Lean Supply Chain: The brand focused on optimizing its supply chain, ensuring efficiency from production to distribution, thereby reducing costs.
  3. Direct-to-Customer (D2C) Model: Cutting out intermediaries, Lifelong Online chose to distribute products directly to customers, fostering a closer connection with its consumer base.
  4. Asset-Light Model: Leasing factories instead of ownership allowed Lifelong Online to maintain an asset-light model, reducing overhead costs and promoting flexibility.
  5. Data-Driven Decision Making: Using data analytics, Bharat ensured that real-time insights helped better decision-making.

Mixer Grinder Revolution:

Lifelong Online initiated its journey by addressing a fundamental kitchen appliance: the mixer grinder.

By focusing on efficient production, Bharat and his team achieved a remarkable 33% reduction in costs, which is lower prices to customers.

This customer-centric approach ensured that Lifelong Online’s products exceeded customer expectations, providing desired products at competitive prices through online platforms.

Timeline of Growth:

The growth trajectory of Lifelong Online has been impressive:

  • Operates Four Factories
  • Formed a 60-member Team
  • 2019: Secured Rs. 40 Cr Funding
  • Expanded to 500 Cities Across India
  • Adopted a D2C Retail Online Strategy
  • Achieved a Revenue of Rs. 500+ Crores
  • Built Rapport Through Review-Based Marketing
  • Achieved the Lowest Cost and Competitive Pricing

Dominating the Market:

Bharat Kalia’s strategy for Lifelong Online is not just about being unique but about creating new products and processes in a common market.

The brand doesn’t compete; it dominates categories by offering innovative solutions to age-old problems.

The focus on providing customer value, an asset-light model, and data-driven insight, has positioned Lifelong Online as a frontrunner in the home appliances industry.


Bharat Kalia’s journey with Lifelong Online exemplifies how a bold and somewhat mad vision can reshape an industry.

By identifying and solving prevalent problems, adopting innovative strategies, and putting the customer at the center of operations, Lifelong Online has become a force to be reckoned with in the home appliances market.

As Bharat continues to challenge norms, Lifelong Online stands as a testament to the power of bold entrepreneurship in transforming everyday experiences for consumers.