In 2013, Sangeeta Pandey, a resident of Gorakhpur, found herself at a crossroads.

With a 9-month-old daughter in tow, she took a job that paid her Rs. 4000 per month.

Determined to contribute to her family’s income, she faced the challenging task of balancing work and motherhood.

Sangeeta’s dedication was evident as she went to her job with her 9-month-old daughter, leaving her at home when objections were raised about bringing the child to work.

Realizing that leaving her daughter behind was not the right solution, Sangeeta made a bold decision – she resigned from her job without a clear plan but with the determination to create a better future.

Armed with Rs. 1500, Sangeeta observed people making boxes of sweets for shopkeepers and saw an opportunity.

She decided to venture into this business to earn money for her family. In a mere 8 hours, she created 100 boxes at home, but selling them to shopkeepers revealed that her rates were higher than the market.

Undeterred, Sangeeta learned that the raw materials were cheaper in Lucknow. Investing Rs. 35,000 of her savings, she traveled to Lucknow, purchased Rs. 15,000 worth of raw materials, and transported them back to Gorakhpur by bus.

This strategic move not only reduced her costs but also marked the beginning of her business expansion.

Sangeeta’s determination knew no bounds. To scale up her operations, she mortgaged all her jewelry for Rs. 3 lakhs.

This loan enabled her to get a full truckload of raw materials, propelling her into a bigger league.

But she didn’t stop there; she took two more loans of Rs. 35 lakhs and 50 lakhs, respectively.

With her newfound capital, Sangeeta established a factory, purchased a tempo, and invested in a battery-operated rickshaw.

This not only streamlined her production process but also opened up employment opportunities for others. Today, Sangeeta employs over 100 women in her thriving business.

What sets Sangeeta’s venture apart is her commitment to supporting working mothers. Her employees can come to work from 12:30 pm onwards after taking care of their children. This thoughtful approach has not only empowered women but has also contributed to the success of her enterprise.

Sangeeta Pandey’s journey from starting with Rs. 1500 to achieving a revenue of Rs. 3 crores is a testament to the power of determination and resilience.

Her story inspires us to believe that if you decide on something and stick with it, a lot is possible.

Sangeeta’s entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with her compassion for working mothers, serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring individuals facing challenges on their journey to success.