Sangeeta Pandey’s journey from a small town in Gorakhpur to becoming a successful entrepreneur is a story of determination, resourcefulness, and the transformative power of an idea.

In 2013, with a 9-month-old daughter and a desire to contribute to her family income, Sangeeta embarked on a journey that would not only change her life but also create opportunities for other women in her community.

Starting with just Rs. 1500, she has successfully built a business that generates a revenue of Rs. 3 Crores.

The Humble Beginning:

Sangeeta, a resident of Gorakhpur, initially took up a job to support her family.

However, faced with objections to bringing her infant daughter to work, she took a bold step by resigning the very next day.

Determined to find a way to contribute to her family while being present for her daughter, she explored various possibilities.

Discovery and Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Observing people making boxes of sweets for shopkeepers, Sangeeta saw an opportunity.

With just Rs. 1500, she purchased raw materials and spent 8 hours creating 100 boxes at home.

However, initial sales to shopkeepers revealed that her rates were higher than expected. Undeterred, Sangeeta learned that she could obtain raw materials at a lower cost in Lucknow.

Scaling Up:

Armed with Rs. 35,000 in savings, Sangeeta traveled to Lucknow to purchase raw materials, effectively reducing her production costs.

Sensing the potential for expansion, she mortgaged her jewelry for Rs. 3 lakhs, securing a loan that allowed her to acquire a full truckload of raw materials.

This marked the beginning of her journey to establish a thriving business.

Entrepreneurial Growth:

Sangeeta’s relentless pursuit of success led her to take additional loans of Rs. 35 lakhs and 50 lakhs.

With these funds, she established a factory, acquired a tempo, and introduced battery-operated rickshaws.

This not only streamlined her operations but also created employment opportunities for the women in her community.

Empowering Women:

Today, Sangeeta Pandey’s business employs over 100 women.

One of the remarkable aspects of her enterprise is the flexibility it offers to women, allowing them to work from 12:30 pm after taking care of their children.

This approach not only empowers women economically but also recognizes and accommodates their familial responsibilities.

Financial Success:

The culmination of Sangeeta’s efforts is reflected in the revenue of Rs. 3 Crores her business now generates.

This impressive figure serves as a testament to the possibilities that unfold when determination and dedication drive an entrepreneurial spirit.


Sangeeta Pandey’s journey from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3 Crores is an inspiring narrative of resilience and resourcefulness.

Her story underscores the transformative impact of a simple idea fueled by unwavering determination.

Sangeeta not only succeeded in building a thriving business but also became a beacon of empowerment for women in her community.

Her entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire others to believe that with a clear vision and persistence, significant achievements are indeed possible.