In the heart of Vindhya, a BPO with a unique mission, Pavithra YS found her calling to change lives for the better.

 What began with a vision to create job opportunities for the differently-abled has transformed into a powerhouse that not only delivers top-notch services.

Not only this it also fosters inclusivity. Vindhya, under Pavithra’s leadership, has become a beacon of inspiration, touching the lives of many and creating a significant impact on society.

The Genesis of Vindhya:

In 2006, Pavithra and her husband Ashok embarked on a journey to create something impactful.

The inspiration struck Pavithra when she witnessed a physically challenged man crossing the road.

She envisioned a future where individuals with disabilities could seamlessly integrate into mainstream society.

With this vision, Vindhya was born—an inclusive BPO exclusively employing differently-abled individuals.

Empowering Differently-Abled:

Vindhya’s commitment to inclusivity is reflected in its hiring practices.

The banner outside its office explicitly stated, “Data-entry operators required—only people who are physically challenged should apply.”

The company started with just two employees and gradually expanded its workforce.

Today, Vindhya employs over 2500 differently-abled individuals, providing them with opportunities and a sense of purpose.

Services Offered:

Vindhya’s service portfolio includes order management, technical support, grievance redressal services, cold calling services, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Vindhya’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional Turn Around Time (TAT) services, makes it a preferred vendor for reputed companies.

Clients and Impact:

Vindhya’s client roster boasts renowned names such as Wipro, SAP, Schneider, Airtel, IBM, Titan, and IndusInd Bank.

By streamlining processes, Vindhya has not only met but exceeded client expectations.

Their impact goes beyond business success, creating a positive ripple effect in the lives of the disabled and disadvantaged women.

Awards and Recognition:

The accolades earned by  Vindhya reflect the organization’s commitment and impact.

Notable awards include the Shell-Helen Keller Award, NDTV Business Leadership Award, and recognition as one of the 100 Women Achievers of India by the Ministry of Women & Child Development.

These awards underscore Vindhya’s excellence in fostering inclusive business practices.

Core Values:

Vindhya’s success is grounded in its core values—acceptance and respect, teamwork, integrity, accountability, leadership, and excellence.

These values guide every decision, ensuring the company remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a positive and inclusive work environment.

Customer Retention and Growth:

Over the last decade, Vindhya has not lost a single customer.

Their growth has been organic, with every new client coming through recommendations from existing satisfied customers.

Vindhya’s focus on providing opportunities to those lacking mainstream options has not only benefited the workforce but also strengthened the company’s position in the market.

Pavithra’s Vision:

Pavithra attributes Vindhya’s success to embracing positivity and perseverance.

Her vision goes beyond business success—she envisions a world where inclusivity is a norm, and individuals with disabilities have equal opportunities.

Through Vindhya, Pavithra has not only created a thriving business but has indeed made a significant difference in the lives of those often marginalized by society.


Vindhya’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of inclusive business practices.

Under Pavithra YS’s leadership, the company has not only carved a niche for itself in the BPO industry. Still, it has also emerged as a catalyst for change, empowering lives and challenging societal norms.

Vindhya’s story serves as an inspiration for businesses to embrace diversity, create opportunities, and foster an inclusive environment that goes beyond the bottom line.