Sonali Saraogi Singh as a mother
Realised, when her daughter had to start on solids.
There were not many options for healthy and nutritious food for her baby
That’s when she decided to create products not only for her baby
But also for other kids and families as a whole happy healthy eaters
Feedsmart offers highly nutritious food for kids, adults, and senior citizens while maintaining taste with the nutrients.
✔ Founder- Sonali Saraogi Singh
✔ Graduated from Imperial College, London
✔ Worked for ten years in the food and beverage industry.
✔ When her 6-month-old daughter started consuming solid food.
✔ She found out that the products available in the market are lying to the public
✔  By not mentioning the ingredients that are used for making the products
✔  Keeping in mind the science of child nutrition she developed products
✔  Like millet dosa, power-packed seeds, & millet atta, and many more
✔  A wide range of gluten-free, vegan, good-for-gut products.
Problems of Packaged food
🔴 Hidden Ingredients.
🔴 Chemicals, additives.
🔴 Imbalanced Nutrition.
The solution to Packaged Food
🔵 Balanced Nutrition.
🔵 Organically sourced.
🔵 Easy to cook products.
🔵 Complete transparency.
🔵 Products sweetened with jaggery.
With a Mission to be 100% transparent with their customer Feed Smart provides “guilt-free” and “eat what you see” genuine products.