Akansha Bhargava is a person wearing many hats, a mompreneur, travel blogger, motivational speaker, and influencer.

She is heading one of the most promising relocation companies, PM Relocations (PMR) which is an in-all solution for mobility needs, whether in India or abroad.

With the right guidance of Akansha, the company has grown to 10 offices in India and a turnover of Rs. 200 crores in 2022-23.

The company started its operations 36 years ago as a solution for simplifying packing and moving for customers in India.

Back in 1986 when this was not a conventional business idea, Mr. Rajeev Bhargava and Mr. Rajiv Sharma started an organized packing company that opened its offices in major cities in Pan India.

In 2013 it rebranded itself as “PM Relocations (PMR)” With close to 600 employees in Pan India, PMR successfully relocates close to 10,000 families in a year around the world. It has a massive warehousing facility spreading over 1.25 lac sq. ft.

The principles which form the foundation for the company are:

  1. Providing excellent customer service
  2. Doing the right thing
  3. Respecting all people
  4. Developing strong relationships.

Akansha Bhargava’s work in the world of business is widely appreciated and has earned her the coveted award of the, “Best Woman Leader” by Business Today SME awards in 2015.

She grew up in the world of mobility as this company is the brainchild of her father. Her father’s hard work and commitment led her to strengthen and expand the company to what it is today.

To enhance the journey they have launched a B2C platform for everyone who wishes to relocate: www.packmoverelocate.com.

According to her people feel scared and anxious when they have to change places and we want to change that for them.

We want to ensure someday people start looking at relocation companies as friend who can make the moving experience amazing

  1. by not just moving home but
  2. finding one,
  3. settling you down,
  4. finding a school for your kid, and
  5. getting one culturally familiarized with the city/country.

Dealing with employees, partners, and clients was challenging for her initially but the sheer determination to become the one-stop solution for all moving needs helped her pull through.

Throughout my journey, I had to wear many hats – from sales guru to brand architect.

Navigating the delicate balance of upgrading processes, expanding our workforce, and fostering a professional culture, all while keeping a watchful eye on the budget.

We didn’t go for external funding and that was not a problem. I have been leading by example at every turn.

The business demands a lot of working capital while we work on credit, hence balancing the same was a challenge.

The business is also not based on need creation but needs to be based, hence having a strong recall value, follow-ups, and service levels are important.

Also, the most difficult thing is to manage people, hence we deal with a niche service which is “emotions”.

Another key takeaway is that no success is possible without sacrifices and beliefs, sometimes not yours but the people around you”.


  1. Household goods packing and moving
  2. Corporate relocation/ office moves
  3. Vehicle relocation
  4. Pet Relocation
  5. Long-term & short-term storage facility
  6. Fine arts handling/moving
  7. Relocation assistance includes utility services such as cleaning, plumbing, etc., home search, visa and immigration, cultural training, school search, and many more.

Akansha found her passion in the idea of moving and was greatly encouraged by her father who was a great mentor, inspiration, and friend.