One of the promising startups created by Aishwarya Biswas in the year 2017 with a huge range of wellness products and healthy living steps.

The products of Auli are all nature-based without any harmful ingredients. It began as a home-based business and transformed into a full range of skincare, body care, hair care, and wellness products that are sold all over the country.

The products are an amalgamation of modern science and traditional Ayurvedic combinations.

AULI represents

A  for  affordable

U  for  unique

L   for lush

I for Indian

AULI’s founder has lived in five countries and worked at top positions before she thought of starting this venture.

She is a double major in marketing from the University of Bridgeport in the US and she studied MBA at SP Jain Institute of Management alongside she did go to the London School Of Economics for a course.

She is also trained as an image consultant from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, and has won the prestigious Lakme Sunanda Tilotamma award. To make the best products in their category she did cosmetology diplomas online.

Aishwarya has conceptualized 6 steps of skincare keeping in mind the exposure to environment, lifestyle, sun, and other factors. The current valuation of Auli stands at 18.75 crores.

Namita Thapar has picked up 15%equity by investing 75 lakhs of this esteemed beauty brand.

The repeat customer rate is as high as 75% which is an extremely good customer retention within the industry.

The brand focuses on being safe, effective, and cruelty-free products which makes it stand out from its competitors. One strategy that has helped Auli increase revenue is WhatsApp popup solution, which comes up after 15 seconds of user engagement on their website, getting 65,000 leads in three months and increasing conversion rates.

Auli Lifestyle has achieved remarkable growth and ROI by focusing on quality, safety, and diversity. Starting with 10 customers, it now has 20,000 customers worldwide