Mind & Mom is a highly tech-based venture that was started in 2021 to empower women with good health and provide them with the cure for fertility issues by using AI, data science, and behavioral science.

The constant need to improve and make their product impactful has made them build a community of women who are quite keen to share their stories and insights.

Padmini Janaki, the founder, worked as a product manager in Chennai and was always a big proponent of technology. According to her, technology can scale anything hundredfold.

Raised by a single mother, Padmini feels that how motherhood is not a choice for most people! Though there is an expectation for a woman to become a mother someday there is not much concern about the physical and emotional changes that a woman goes through.

In 2019 when she went to US for her work trip, she came across lots of teenage girls who were pregnant and wanted to bring up their children all by themselves. So, she decided to make a model around teen pregnancies to make them aware of what the young girls were getting into.

When she came back to India she thought of starting a venture which could handhold women before and once they were pregnant.

In 2021, their project received a grant of Rs. 10 lakh under ‘TANSEED 2021’. This made her venture stronger and today she has impacted over two lakh women. Mind &Mom’s fertility app gives support to couples all through the treatment and provides resources for their mental and physical health.

One more important feature of Mind &Mom is making people aware of IVF (

In Vitro Fertilisation), a treatment in which a man’s sperm and woman’s eggs are fertilized outside the body in the lab to form embryos, which are then implanted in the uterus.

One client, Aisha from Puducherry had a tough time conceiving inspite of continuous IVF treatments. But after she found their app, her journey became quite comfortable as she found full support from finding the hospital to treating her physical and emotional needs.

The app tries to bring the woman aligned with her body by providing the right advice regarding fitness, nutrition, meditation, cardio, walking, etc.

They have appointed the best advisors on board like Dr. Kanimozhi Karthik, Group head at Apollo Hospitals, and Dr. Vinayak Smith, OBGYN.

Mind &Mom is an AI-backed women-led company that works for women betterment. Their aim is to become a Global Fem Tech company by 2026 and touch the lives of 2 billion women around the world. They want to redeploy the prize money in developing fem tech wearables and devices.

Their mission and motive is very strong and meaningful that no woman should be underserved in this world.