Cruising through the busy streets of Delhi in search of passengers, a BluSmart cab driver often found himself struggling to talk to his customers.

Frustration echoed his voice as he confessed, “I always struggled whenever I spoke to the customers. Most of my focus was on driving and I had to because of that struggle communicating with them. I badly wanted to turn things around.”

With a mission to assist people like him, Ex-Google—Puneet Dhiman introduced India to Chaabi—a WhatsApp-based learning platform.

Chaabi is solving one of the biggest problems that India faces, which is, the upskilling of the blue-collar workforce. The idea is to help the people working blue-collar jobs to be better at their jobs so that they are future-ready and are more productive for the overall economy,” he replied when he was asked what Chaabi was about in an interview with TICE TV.

Founded in 2022, Chaabi is his second entrepreneurial venture. Mr. Puneet always had a flair for entrepreneurship. Following his MBA, he joined a startup instead of a corporate with the idea of growing and learning faster to become a driver of real change.

Sitting in the United States as a senior strategic account manager at Google during the initial stages of the pandemic and witnessing the migration crisis happening in India ignited a fire in him to do something to help the majority of the workforce, as about 500 million people in India are classified as blue-collar workers.

In his interview, he explains how most people are familiar with using the internet on mobile devices since most of the workers don’t have access to a desktop. Puneet aimed to tackle the challenges faced by the workforce by integrating Chaabi with WhatsApp, a platform they use every day.

AI-powered vernacular learning in more than 20 native languages is the core benefit Chaabi provides to its clients such as BluSmart, Croma, Blinkit, Swiggy, etc. Any person can record a few words in their voice through their custom model which allows Chaabi to deliver personalized training content in various languages.

Puneet also aims to boost course completion rates in the next 2 years using a gamified approach in the learning journey, encouraging quicker module completion. Instead of complicating things, Chaabi is emphasizing simple skills such as punctuality and understanding office protocols that go a long way to make a difference. This approach narrows the skill gap and empowers employers, recruiters, and government institutions to deliver highly targeted training.

Streamlining the process by taking entire standard operating procedures, such as HR or training materials from a company along with their AI systems creating personalized training modules in the language of the worker to ensure accuracy and relevance, Chaabi operates on a monthly subscription model.

A marriage of the right technology and the right content, Chaabi has established itself with the belief that anyone, irrespective of their educational background, can achieve success when given the right skill set.