In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, Chennai-based startup ORO has emerged as a trailblazer, transforming the way we perceive and utilize our most treasured possession – GOLD.

Established in 2020 by the visionary trio of Parth Shah, Rakesh Mani, and Sreekesh Krishnan, Oro has not only disrupted the gold loan market but has also achieved significant milestones, raising a staggering Rs. 40+ Crores by 2022 and an impressive Rs. 100+ Crores by 2023.

The premise of Oro is simple yet revolutionary: your gold can do much more for you than sitting idle. In a country where millions of households store over 25,000 tons of gold, Oro aims to monetize the untapped potential of this precious metal, with the ultimate goal of boosting India’s GDP by 6%.

One of Oro’s key initiatives is to provide users with instant, convenient, and affordable gold loans. The startup offers the highest per-gram gold rate and low interest rates, aiming to make gold loans accessible to everyone.

Recognizing the challenges faced in the gold market, Oro has strategically positioned itself as a solution to three major issues: high interest rates, lack of transparency, and limited access to credit.

Oro’s innovative approach involves doorstep services, instant gold loans at a mere 0.79%, and a hassle-free process through its user-friendly app. What sets Oro apart is its commitment to transparency and convenience.

The platform requires no credit score, allowing users to pay back their loans anytime within a flexible 6-month period. Additionally, Oro provides secure locker spaces in Chennai, each 305 times larger than the average locker, ensuring the utmost security for your precious assets.

The significance of Oro’s mission becomes even more apparent when we consider that out of the 25,000 tons of gold stored in homes and bank lockers across the country, only 1,500 tons actively contribute to India’s GDP.

Oro is on a mission to unlock the economic potential of the remaining 2,500 tons, valued at an astounding Rs. 15 Lakh Crores (Rs. 1,50,00,00,00,00,000).

Beyond the financial aspect, Oro offers more than just loans. The platform serves as a gateway for users to gain better access and accurate information about the worth of their gold.

The startup’s commitment to trust, transparency, convenience, and security positions Oro as the go-to solution for individuals looking to maximize the potential of their gold assets.

Oro’s success story is not just about financial numbers; it’s about unlocking the latent value within our households. By recognizing the cultural ties to gold and the demand for accessible credit, Oro has seamlessly integrated itself into the fabric of Indian society, empowering individuals to make their gold work for them.

As Oro continues to redefine the narrative around gold ownership, it stands as a shining example of innovation that goes beyond conventional boundaries, transforming assets into opportunities for a brighter financial future.