In the realm of culinary experiences, P-TAL (Punjabi Thathera Art Legacy) is ushering in a renaissance, boldly proclaiming that copper is the new gold.

Founded in 2019 by Aditya Agrawal, Kirti Goel, and Gaurav Garg, P-TAL is not merely a brand; it is a celebration of traditional Indian crafts, specifically the age-old craftsmanship of the Thatheras community in Jandiala Guru, Punjab.

The roots of P-TAL trace back to a college project that evolved into a mission to revive the traditional Indian crafts, handcrafted by the Thatheras community.

This community’s craftsmanship has been recognized by UNESCO, showcasing their unique skill in handcrafting brass and copperware. Despite their exceptional talent, the Thatheras were facing challenges, with the art of making utensils slowly fading, and artisans being paid less for their exceptional work.

P-TAL’s founders embarked on a journey to change this narrative.

They transformed a college project into a thriving business that not only preserves traditional crafts but also elevates them to contemporary heights.

The brand has become a beacon of hope for the Thatheras community, breathing new life into their age-old artistry.

P-TAL offers a diverse range of 134 SKUs, spanning tableware, kitchenware, puja essentials, and home decor items.

Their commitment to the craft extends beyond just commerce, with a mission to promote traditional materials and craftsmanship.

This dedication has resulted in impressive growth, marked by a revenue of Rs. 2.76 Crores in 2022 and securing Rs. 4.33 Crores in seed funding.

What sets P-TAL apart is not just the aesthetically pleasing contemporary designs but also the health benefits associated with their products.

Cooking in brass, eating in kansa, and drinking from copper are not just culinary choices; they are conscious decisions that bring tangible health benefits. Copper, in particular, is believed to boost immunity, maintain healthy skin, and offer various other health advantages.

Beyond the personal benefits, P-TAL has made a significant impact on the Thatheras community. By providing an organized market for their crafts, the brand has not only preserved a legacy but has also increased the income of 55 artisans.

This, in turn, has breathed new life into an ancient art form, ensuring its continuity for future generations.

P-TAL’s influence extends beyond individual homes. With a client list that includes prestigious names such as RBI, G-20 Summit, EIL, and Pernod Ricard, the brand has become synonymous with sophistication and cultural richness.

Their products are available in a store in Delhi and through various online platforms such as Tata Cliq and Amazon.

P-TAL is more than a brand; it is a movement that encapsulates tradition, craftsmanship, and health-conscious living.

By marrying tradition with modern design sensibilities, P-TAL has not just created a market; it has created an awareness about Ayurveda and the Health benefits associated with using traditional materials.

In a world that often leans towards modernity, P-TAL is a reminder that the roots of our culture are worth preserving and celebrating, especially when it comes to the artistry of the Thatheras community.