Founded in 2019 by Utham Gowda, Captain Fresh has swiftly emerged as a pioneering player in the Indian seafood industry, transforming the way animal protein, particularly fish, seafood, and sheep, reaches consumers.

With a background in investment banking and a stint as Vice President at Nekkanti Sea Foods Limited, Gowda’s years of experience equipped him with valuable insights into the dynamics of the seafood market.

Recognizing the industry’s disorganization and persistent supply challenges, he decided to focus on optimizing the supply chain, leading to the inception of Captain Fresh.

Optimizing the Supply Chain:

Captain Fresh distinguishes itself by prioritizing the optimization of the seafood supply chain over branding or end-customer perspectives. Rather than succumbing to the challenges of a commodity-based business, Captain Fresh concentrates on ensuring a smooth flow from farm to retail.

The company efficiently manages the daily sale of nearly a hundred tons of fresh fish and over three dozen seafood varieties through a network of 50+ collection centers.

Serving Businesses Across India:

Captain Fresh has successfully carved a niche in the fragmented animal protein market by providing reliability to businesses.

The platform enables businesses to place orders with guaranteed next-day delivery at 6 a.m., freeing them to concentrate on marketing strategies.

In addition, the company addresses quality concerns by minimizing the number of “touches” in the supply chain, thereby extending the shelf life of seafood from a valuable day to a day and a half.

Expanding Reach and Impact:

The success of Captain Fresh is underscored by its recent financial achievements. In a significant development, the company raised $20M in an extended Series C round, led by SBI Investment and Evolvence Capital, with participation from existing investors.

This funding follows an earlier Series C round in March 2022, where Captain Fresh secured $50M, valuing the company at around $500M at that time.

With these investments, Captain Fresh has accumulated a total funding of $125M, positioning it strategically for further growth.

International Expansion:

The recent influx of funds is earmarked for Captain Fresh’s ambitious international expansion plans.

The company is set to venture into Europe and the USA, with a strong focus on enhancing efficiency, fostering product innovation, and introducing greater transparency into the seafood supply chain.

This move not only signifies Captain Fresh’s commitment to its mission but also its determination to position itself as a global player in the seafood industry.


Captain Fresh’s journey from its inception in 2019 to its current standing as a key player in the seafood industry exemplifies the impact of strategic thinking and innovation in a traditionally challenging market.

Utham Gowda’s emphasis on optimizing the supply chain has not only set Captain Fresh apart but has also positioned it for international success.

As the company continues to revolutionize the way seafood reaches consumers, its recent funding milestones mark a promising chapter in its pursuit of global leadership in the farm-to-retail seafood space.