In 2013, Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal embarked on a journey to transform the unorganized and unreliable fresh foods market in India. Their brainchild, Country Delight, has not only become a leading player in the industry but has also achieved a remarkable revenue of Rs. 500+ crore in 2022.

By understanding the challenges faced by both consumers and farmers in the unorganized sector, Chakradhar and Nitin revolutionized the supply chain, establishing a brand that resonates with quality and reliability.

Identifying Market Gaps:

Both Chakradhar and Nitin, graduates of the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (IIM), were working in investing and banking when they identified the unorganized nature of the fresh food sector in India. Recognizing the pain points faced by consumers who struggled to access fresh food regularly and farmers trapped in an inadequate supply chain, the duo saw an opportunity to create a positive impact.

Mission to Change the Fresh Food Market:

With a mission to bring about a positive transformation in the fresh-food market, Chakradhar and Nitin founded Country Delight in 2013. Their journey began with humble beginnings and numerous challenges:

  • Managing 50 cattle on a small land.
  • Lack of knowledge of cattle management.
  • Seven years to reach 5,000 liters of milk production.
  • Perseverance despite burning 70% of the bootstrapped capital.

Transformation by 2022:

Country Delight’s journey from 2013 to 2022 showcases significant achievements:

  • Presence in 15 cities.
  • Successful fundraising secured $147 million.
  • Conducting over 8 million deliveries per month.
  • A robust supply chain spanning almost 11 states.
  • Ongoing efforts to expand the product line to serve more customers

Contributing to these achievements is Country Delight’s commitment to understanding the nuances of the unorganized fresh food market, ensuring quality, reliability, and consistency.

Positive Impact and Growth:

Country Delight has not only changed the game for consumers who now have reliable access to fresh food but has also empowered farmers by creating an efficient supply chain.

With a customer-centric approach and a dedication to quality, the brand has become synonymous with trust and freshness in the industry.

Future Endeavors:

As Country Delight looks towards the future, the brand aims to expand its product line further, catering to the diverse needs of consumers. With a solid foundation, a robust supply chain, and a customer-first approach, the company is poised for continued success.


Country Delight’s journey from a small operation managing 50 cattle to becoming a major player in the fresh food segment exemplifies the transformative power of entrepreneurial vision and perseverance.

Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal’s commitment to addressing the challenges in the unorganized fresh food market has not only redefined the industry but has also created a positive impact on consumers and farmers alike.

As they continue to nurture freshness and reliability, Country Delight stands as a testament to the potential for positive change in even the most challenging sectors.