In 2017, Pallavi Utagi and Salil Utagi embarked on a mission to address a common yet significant issue faced by parents – diaper rash caused by disposable diapers.

The couple’s venture, SuperBottoms, not only aimed to provide comfort to babies but also introduced an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional diaper market in India.

With a modest start, SuperBottoms has grown exponentially, reaching a revenue of Rs. 40 crore in 2022 and emerging as a formidable competitor in the diaper industry.

Identifying a Gap in the Market:

Both holding Master’s degrees in Management Studies, Pallavi and Salil were working in healthcare and research when they discovered the inadequacies of the diaper market in India.

Their personal experience as parents revealed the discomfort caused to their children by disposable diapers, leading to the realization that many parents shared their struggles.

Understanding the Pain Points:

Witnessing the discomfort their child faced due to diaper rashes, Pallavi and Salil felt the pain of parents whose children couldn’t sleep peacefully.

Additionally, they delved into the environmental impact of disposable diapers, fueling their determination to find a better solution.

The Journey to SuperBottoms:

With a mission to provide comfort to their baby and countless others, the Utagi couple embarked on a quest for cloth diapers.

In 2014, their journey involved overcoming various challenges:

  • Finding opportunities in the struggle.
  • Purchasing expensive American cloth diapers.
  • Consulting the known cloth specialists across India.
  • Trying to explore the low-quality Chinese cloth diapers.

Transformation by 2022:

SuperBottoms’ journey from 2017 to 2022 reflects a remarkable transformation:

  • Raised over $2 million in funding.
  • Initiated offline retail operations.
  • Expanded product offerings to include menstrual care.
  • Establishing a strong presence on various online platforms.
  • Attracted renowned actress Alia Bhatt as the brand ambassador.

Addressing Diaper Market Challenges:

SuperBottoms entered the diaper market with a unique value proposition:

  • Colorful and appealing designs.
  • Rash-free comfort to the babies.
  • Reusable and eco-friendly alternatives.

Competing with established diaper brands, SuperBottoms disrupted the market by offering not just a product but a comprehensive solution that aligned with modern parenting values.

Sustainability and Growth:

The success of SuperBottoms is not just measured in revenue but also in its commitment to sustainability. By introducing reusable cloth diapers, the brand contributes to reducing environmental waste caused by disposable diapers.

SuperBottoms has not only improved the lives of babies but has also made a positive impact on the planet.


SuperBottoms’ journey from a personal struggle to a thriving business reflects the power of identifying market gaps and addressing them with innovative solutions.

Pallavi and Salil Utagi’s dedication to providing comfort to babies and their commitment to environmental sustainability have propelled SuperBottoms to the forefront of the diaper industry.

As they continue to grow and make a positive impact, SuperBottoms stands as a testament to the transformative potential of entrepreneurship when fueled by a genuine desire to create positive change