Dr. Christopher Richard’s journey from delivering newspapers as a young boy to becoming the founder and CEO of G7 CR Technologies, with a staggering revenue of Rs. 500 crores in 2023, is nothing short of extraordinary.

Overcoming personal hardships and educational challenges, Dr. Christopher Richard’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the transformative power of resilience, hard work, and a passion for learning.

Early Struggles and Determination:

Raised in a modest family, Christopher Richard faced adversity early in life with the loss of his father.

To support his family, he took on multiple jobs while studying in the 10th standard, including newspaper delivery, working at an ice cream parlor, selling milk, and even taking on the role of a security guard.

Despite financial constraints, his determination to contribute to his family’s well-being and pursue his dreams remained unwavering.

Educational Pursuits and Early Career:

After completing his 12th class, Christopher opted for a 3-month computer course, delving into web development, Photoshop, and Flash.

He secured a job at Zed Career Academy, where he gained expertise in various programming languages and honed his skills in business intelligence and analytics.

Eventually, freelancing opened doors for him, with his income escalating from Rs. 3,000 per day to an impressive Rs. 75,000 per day over 12 years.

Entrepreneurial Spark and the Birth of CR BI Consultancy:

In 2009, Christopher Richard’s entrepreneurial journey took a significant turn with the inception of CR BI Consultancy.

Starting from a spare room in his office, the consultancy initially provided services to Airtel’s BPO for free, which eventually grew to a 250-seat operation.

The company’s success caught the attention of G7, a diverse group involved in finance, insurance, electronics, and healthcare, leading to the acquisition of G7 Tech Solutions.

This merger marked the birth of G7 CR Technologies.

Cloud Solutions and Business Expansion:

G7 CR Technologies made significant strides in the technology domain, particularly in cloud solutions.

In 2016, the company became the leading cloud solution provider for Microsoft, offering complete support and solutions to clients like Alibaba, Amazon, DigiCert, and SoftLayer.

Driven by innovation and customer-centric strategies, G7 CR Technologies transformed into a powerhouse with a turnover of Rs. 500 crores.

Current Focus and Future Endeavors:

G7 CR Technologies has evolved to focus on helping small and medium businesses (SMBs) adopt cloud solutions for cost optimization and value-added growth.

Dr. Christopher Richard’s commitment to innovation and customer service has positioned the company as a key player in the technology industry.


Dr. Christopher Richard’s journey from delivering newspapers to leading a technology giant showcases the limitless possibilities that determination, continuous learning, and resilience can unfold.

His story resonates with those who face adversity, proving that with unwavering dedication, anyone can overcome challenges and achieve remarkable success.

As G7 CR Technologies continues to make strides in the tech industry, Christopher Richard’s legacy stands as a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship and lifelong learning.