In the wake of India’s liberalization of the industrial policy framework, a visionary named Diwakar Nigam set out to revolutionize the way businesses operated in the country.

A founding member of NASSCOM, India’s apex IT industry body, and an alumnus of prestigious institutions such as the University of Allahabad, IIT Delhi, and IIT Madras, Nigam aimed to harness the potential of software to address significant challenges in the business landscape.

Problem Analysis and Genesis:

Nigam identified a crucial problem in the lengthy and cumbersome loan application process.

Determined to streamline business operations, he embarked on a mission to develop software that could automate enterprise workflows.

This marked the inception of Newgen in 1992, with a commitment to creating solutions tailored for India.

Key Milestones and Global Presence:

Newgen quickly gained momentum by deploying its solutions for a global bank, extending its reach beyond India’s borders. The company boasts a robust 250-member strong R&D team, showcasing its commitment to innovation.

With four patents registered in India, Newgen solidified its position as a leader in the software industry.

In January 2018, Newgen Software went public with an IPO of Rs. 425 crores, reflecting the confidence investors had in the company’s potential.

Additionally, strategic partnerships with key players like the Cloud banking platform Mambu and Tata Consulting Services (TCS) further amplified its global influence.

Partnerships and Transformative Initiatives:

The collaboration with TCS aimed at transforming Israeli bank operations, and one of India’s largest banks choosing Newgen to digitalize their lending process, previously a time-consuming task, showcased the company’s commitment to fostering digital transformation in the financial sector.

Diverse Offerings:

Newgen Software caters to a wide range of industries, providing solutions to banks, BPOs, IT companies, and insurance firms. The company’s ability to rapidly design and build visual interfaces with minimal coding has been a key differentiator, allowing clients to adapt quickly to evolving market demands.

Product Portfolio and Global Competition:

Newgen offers a suite of innovative software products and solutions, positioning itself as a global provider of Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Business Process Management (BPM). Competing with giants like Oracle, Applan, Pegasystems, and Kofax, Newgen’s success underscores the importance of innovation and persistence in the highly competitive software industry.

Global Reach and Future Prospects:

Currently, Newgen Software has a presence in 66 countries, a testament to its global impact. As the company crosses the Rs. 1000 crore milestone, it exemplifies how building unique and robust products can create a lasting customer experience.

 The journey of Newgen Software serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, highlighting the transformative power of software in shaping the future of business.


Newgen Software’s success story is not just a testament to Diwakar Nigam’s vision but also to the spirit of innovation and persistence that drives the Indian software industry. Crossing the Rs. 1000 crore milestone is a significant achievement, and as Newgen continues to evolve and adapt, it sets the stage for further growth and influence in the global business landscape.