In 2020, Rituraj Sharma envisioned a revolutionary platform that could address the longstanding challenges faced by marginal farmers in India.

The result was Growpital, a unique initiative that connects investors with commercial agriculture projects, transforming the landscape of farming and empowering marginalized communities.

With an initial investment of Rs. 80 lakhs, Growpital has achieved remarkable success, boasting a revenue of Rs. 51 crores in 2023.

Challenges Faced by Marginal Farmers:

Marginal farmers in India grapple with numerous challenges, including low land holdings, dependence on unpredictable weather conditions, outdated agricultural practices, and income volatility due to market price fluctuations.

These issues contribute to the insecurity and inconsistent livelihoods of farmers who are the backbone of the nation’s agriculture sector.

Growpital’s Innovative Solutions:

Growpital emerged as a solution to the problems faced by marginal farmers.

By offering job security, a steady income, protection against weather and market risks, and opportunities for education and pilgrimage, Growpital aimed to uplift the agricultural community and create a sustainable model for both investors and farmers.

Platform Operation:

Growpital operates by allocating funds from retail investors to various agriculture projects.

These projects are managed and overseen by agriculture professionals and knowledgeable farmers.

The platform plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the financial technology (FINTECH) and agricultural technology (AGRITECH) sectors, promoting innovation and growth in agriculture.

Utilization of Funds:

The funds collected from retail investors are strategically utilized for various aspects of agriculture projects.

This includes acquiring seeds, hiring labor, leasing land, and procuring necessary equipment.

By leveraging these funds, Growpital ensures that farmers have the essential resources to maximize crop yields and profitability.

Market Access and Revenue Generation:

Upon cultivation, the produce from these farms is sold at a profit to institutional and organizational buyers, including renowned names like McCaan, PMV Malting, and local mandis.

This approach not only ensures a steady market for the farmers but also generates revenue that contributes to the investors’ returns.

Financial Returns for Investors:

Growpital has been successful in providing attractive financial returns to investors, with up to 15% tax-free returns on its platform. This not only makes investing in agriculture more lucrative but also encourages more individuals to participate in this transformative model.

Growpital’s Impact and Reach:

Growpital has witnessed substantial growth since its inception, with an average user engagement time of 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

The platform manages assets worth Rs. 70+ crores and operates on 3300+ acres of cultivated land across 10+ states.

With over 2100 active investors, Growpital has become a force in the agriculture sector, creating positive change and fostering sustainable development.

Expert Team and Sustainable Farming Practices:

To ensure the success of its agriculture projects, Growpital boasts a team of agronomy experts and experienced professionals.

This team works closely with farmers, formulating Service Operating Procedures for each crop to maximize yield and promote sustainable farming practices.


Growpital by Zetta Farms stands as a shining example of how innovation in financial and agricultural technologies can come together to empower marginalized farmers and create a sustainable and lucrative investment avenue.

By bridging gaps, providing solutions, and fostering positive change, Growpital has not only transformed the lives of farmers but has also created a model that can reshape the future of agriculture in India.