In 2014, Saurabh Garg, driven by a bitter experience in the Mumbai real estate market, embarked on a mission to transform the way people find homes in India.

The result was, a platform that has not only disrupted the traditional real estate model but has also achieved the coveted unicorn status with a valuation of Rs. 8300 crore in 2023. stands as a testament to innovation and determination in addressing a quintessentially Indian problem.

The Genesis of

Saurabh Garg’s frustration with the cumbersome process of finding a house in Mumbai, coupled with the ubiquitous brokerage fees, sparked the idea for

He realized the need for a platform that offered an Indian-specific solution to the age-old problem of paying hefty brokerage fees when searching for rental accommodations.

Inspired by the success of platforms like Bookmyshow and Makemytrip, Saurabh envisioned a solution for renting houses in India that would eliminate the need for brokers.

Founding Team and Vision:

In 2014, Saurabh Garg joined forces with Amit Kumar Agarwal and Akhil Gupta to launch

Their vision was clear: to create a rental platform

  • that would cut through the clutter of brokers posing as owners and
  • offer a transparent, hassle-free experience for both tenants and property owners.

Over time, expanded its services to become a comprehensive one-stop shop for all real estate needs.

Removing Brokers’ Bias with Technology: employs advanced algorithms to predict rental rates for property owners and suggests nearby areas within budget for potential tenants.

The platform’s innovative “Rentometer” feature provides an accurate estimate of expected rent in a specific locality, empowering users with valuable insights.

By removing the biases introduced by brokers, ensures a fair and transparent marketplace.

Diversification and Holistic Real Estate Solutions:

What began as a rental platform has evolved into a multifaceted real estate ecosystem. now offers services encompassing the entire real estate journey.

  • Including buying and selling residential and commercial properties,
  • packers and movers for hassle-free shifting,
  • painting services to make properties inhabitable,
  • home loans for aspiring buyers, and packing and
  • moving insurance to safeguard customers’ interests.

Challenging the Status Quo:

In a real estate landscape where 50-60% of residential property deals and 90% of commercial property deals are still broker-led, challenges the status quo.

The platform demonstrates that both broker-led and broker-free models can coexist in India, catering to a vast market valued at Rs. 90,000 crore. has pioneered a shift by providing buyers the option to explore properties without paying upfront fees for listings, offering a significant advantage in a market where such fees are the norm.

Conclusion:’s journey from addressing personal frustration to becoming a unicorn in the Indian real estate sector is a remarkable testament to innovation, determination, and a customer-centric approach.

By leveraging technology and challenging traditional norms, the platform has not only disrupted the market but has also created a space for transparency and fairness.

 As continues to redefine real estate solutions, it stands as an inspiration for entrepreneurs looking to make a lasting impact in India’s ever-evolving business landscape.