In the vast landscape of EdTech giants, one company stands out for its unique approach to empowering local tutors and coaching centres.

ClassPlus, founded in 2018 by childhood friends Mukul Rastogi and Bhaswat Agarwal, emerged from the founders’ personal experiences during their IIT-JEE entrance exam preparations.

Faced with the abrupt closure of their coaching centre, they identified key pain points in the traditional offline coaching model and decided to create something extraordinary to address these challenges.

The Genesis of ClassPlus:

Mukul and Bhaswat observed that offline coaching centres had limitations, such as a lack of expansion opportunities beyond their neighbourhoods and inadequate technological capabilities to transition from single to multiple screens.

In response to these challenges, they co-founded ClassPlus in January 2018 as a B2B EdTech platform.

The primary objective was to empower coaching centres to establish an online presence, digitize their operations, and offer courses and study materials online.

A Unique Approach in a Crowded Market:

At a time when prominent EdTech players like BYJU’S and UNACADEMY were creating content and posing a threat to traditional tutors and coaching centres.

ClassPlus took a distinctive approach.

Instead of viewing EdTech as a threat, they aimed to equip tutors and coaching centres with the necessary tools to compete effectively in the digital landscape.

They provided a comprehensive in-house super app for instructors, integrating essential features such as Zoom for live classrooms, Google Drive for storage, payment gateways for transactions, notifications, and reliable tech support.

Overcoming Rejections and Challenges:

The journey for ClassPlus has been marked by resilience and determination.

Facing 162 rejections from venture capitalists, they struggled to convince investors of their business model.

Scepticism about the uniqueness of the model compared to China and the USA, along with the typical “Is there a parallel model abroad?” question, was a recurring challenge.

Despite these obstacles, ClassPlus persevered and focused on supporting local tutors in India rather than emulating foreign models.

Impressive Growth Metrics:

ClassPlus has witnessed remarkable growth, becoming a vital player in the EdTech landscape.

The platform has onboarded

100,000 tutors across 1500 cities,

catering to an extensive network of 12 million students.

In 2023, ClassPlus achieved a revenue of Rs. 140 crores, showcasing the effectiveness of its business model and the value it brings to local tutors.

David vs. Goliath: ClassPlus Empowering the Davids

In the battle between the Davids (local tutors and coaching centres) and the Goliaths (big EdTech giants like BYJU’s and UNACADEMY ), ClassPlus has firmly aligned itself with the Davids.

By providing technological ammunition to local tutors, including live classroom capabilities, efficient storage solutions, and transactional tools, ClassPlus has empowered the Davids to hold their ground.


ClassPlus’s journey from a personal pain point to a formidable player in the EdTech sector exemplifies the potential of addressing localized challenges with innovative solutions.

By focusing on the needs of local tutors and coaching centres, ClassPlus has not only carved a niche for itself but has also empowered a vast network of educators across India.

The platform’s commitment to supporting local players against industry giants reflects a unique and impactful approach to the dynamic landscape of Indian education technology.