In the bustling city of Mumbai, where time is of the essence, a remarkable young entrepreneur, Tilak Mehta, has transformed the traditional courier service landscape.

At the tender age of 13, Tilak conceptualized and built a company that not only meets the immediate needs of the residents but also boasts an impressive revenue of Rs 100 crore.

This post unravels the inspiring journey of Tilak Mehta and his venture, disrupting the courier service industry.

The Birth of an Idea:

Tilak’s entrepreneurial journey began with a personal need.

At the age of 13, he found himself in a predicament when he forgot his books at his uncle’s place, realizing the urgency of ordering them immediately for his upcoming exams.

Faced with limited options and exorbitant costs for same-day delivery, Tilak identified a gap in the market for a more efficient and affordable solution.

Inspiration from Mumbai Dabbawalas:

Drawing inspiration from the legendary Mumbai Dabbawalas, known for their cost-effective and swift food delivery services, Tilak envisioned a similar approach for parcel delivery.

This inspiration led to the birth of his company, a platform for same-day courier services within Mumbai, analogous to Uber and Ola in the transportation sector.

Collaboration with Dabbawalas:

Tilak Mehta took a unique approach by collaborating with Mumbai Dabbawalas, leveraging their extensive network for door-to-door parcel pickup and delivery.

This strategic partnership not only reduced costs but also ensured efficient and reliable parcel deliveries within Mumbai.

The entire process is facilitated through a user-friendly app, making it convenient for customers to avail themselves of the service.

Current Achievements and Operations:

Since its inception, Tilak Mehta’s courier service has experienced significant growth and success.

The company, with a current workforce of 200 employees, manages an impressive daily delivery count of 1200 parcels.

Partnering with 300 Dabbawalas further enhances its reach and efficiency. Known for being fast, reliable, and cost-effective, the company handles parcels up to 3 kg in weight, catering to a diverse clientele, including pathology labs and boutique shops.

Innovative Approach and Technology Integration:

What sets Tilak Mehta’s courier service apart is its innovative approach and the integration of technology.

The platform offers a range of delivery options with charges varying between Rs 40 to 180, depending on the parcel’s weight.

Real-time updates are provided to customers through the mobile app, ensuring transparency and timely information about their deliveries.

Future Aspirations and Expansion Plans:

With a successful track record in Mumbai, the company now has ambitious plans for the future.

Tilak Mehta aims to establish strategic partnerships with renowned platforms like Swiggy, further expanding the reach and offerings of his courier service.

Additionally, the company has set its sights on penetrating other metro cities, with Delhi being a primary target for expansion.


Tilak Mehta’s entrepreneurial journey from a personal need to building a Rs 100 crore courier service at the age of 13 is nothing short of extraordinary.

His innovative approach, inspired by Mumbai’s Dabbawalas, has not only addressed a crucial market gap but has also set a benchmark for efficient, cost-effective, and technologically integrated same-day courier services.

As he envisions further growth and expansion, Tilak Mehta stands as a testament to the power of young minds in shaping and revolutionizing industries.