In the dynamic landscape of technology, smartphones play a pivotal role, shaping how we communicate, work, and navigate daily life.

Yug Bhatia, recognizing the challenges associated with the refurbished smartphone market, embarked on a journey in 2020 to redefine the industry.

Through his venture, ControlZ, he sought to streamline and standardize the refurbishing process, delivering an unparalleled experience to users of pre-owned smartphones.

Since its inception, ControlZ has witnessed impressive growth, reaching Rs. 25 crore in revenue by 2023, doubling to Rs. 50 crore in 2024, and setting ambitious goals for Rs. 100 crore revenue in 2025.

Challenges in the Refurbished Smartphone Market:

The refurbished smartphone market faced significant hurdles, with customers often encountering issues such as wear and tear, phone hanging, scratches, dents, reduced battery life, and compromised functionality and aesthetics.

Potential buyers, particularly those aspiring for premium phones on a budget, were hesitant due to the inconsistent quality of refurbished devices offered by various companies.

Recognizing these challenges, ControlZ aimed to redefine the refurbishing process and enhance the overall customer experience.

ControlZ’s Innovative Solutions:

ControlZ set out to address the fundamental issues associated with refurbished phones.

The company implemented a comprehensive approach, focusing on component-level repair, replacing old batteries with new ones, and employing a streamlined industrial process to ensure quality.

The goal was not just to make the phone operational but to restore its functionality and aesthetics, providing customers with a refurbished phone as good as new.

To instill confidence in their products, ControlZ extended the warranty to an impressive 18 months.

Environmental Impact:

Beyond providing a reliable and cost-effective solution, ControlZ is committed to sustainability.

Through its innovative refurbishing process, the company achieved remarkable environmental benefits. ControlZ boasts an 80% reduction in carbon footprints compared to new phones and an 85% reduction in energy usage.

By extending the lifespan of smartphones and reducing electronic waste, ControlZ contributes to environmental preservation, aligning its business goals with a commitment to a greener future.

ControlZ Promise and Customer Value:

ControlZ promises customers a refurbished smartphone experience that is indistinguishable from purchasing a new device.

The company offers these high-quality devices at 50% of the price of a new phone, with both functionality and aesthetics intact.

The 18-month warranty not only assures customers of the durability of their purchase but also reflects ControlZ’s dedication to building trust and delivering value.


Yug Bhatia’s vision to transform the refurbished smartphone market has materialized into ControlZ, a company that not only meets customer needs but also addresses environmental concerns.

With impressive revenue growth and ambitious targets for the future, ControlZ stands at the forefront of an industry revolution, setting new standards for the quality and sustainability of refurbished smartphones.

As the company continues to make strides, its impact on both consumers and the environment solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the realm of pre-owned smartphones.