The tale of Ramesh Babu is one of resilience, ambition, and triumph against all odds.

From humble beginnings as a barber, Ramesh Babu has emerged as a notable entrepreneur, owning a fleet of 400 luxury cars and achieving an impressive turnover of Rs. 20 crores.

His journey, marked by challenges and unwavering determination, showcases the power of hard work and tenacity in carving a path to success.

Early Struggles:

Ramesh Babu’s childhood was marred by adversity.

His father’s untimely demise when he was just seven left the family in financial distress.

His mother, working as a maid to make ends meet, faced the challenge of providing for her family.

The family-owned salon was handed over to Ramesh Babu’s uncle, leaving him with minimal resources.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Determined to uplift his family from financial constraints, Ramesh Babu took on odd jobs while juggling his studies.

Recognizing the limited income from the family salon, he decided to take charge.

At the age of 17, he started operating the salon and simultaneously pursued his education, demonstrating an early display of his entrepreneurial spirit.

Carving a Niche:

Despite facing financial challenges and having to drop out of his diploma course, Ramesh Babu harbored a deep passion for cars.

Leveraging a small loan and his savings, he purchased an Omni Van from Maruti.

However, the burden of the EMI prompted him to explore renting his vehicle, and soon he discovered a lucrative business opportunity in car rentals.

The Turning Point:

In 1994, Ramesh Babu formally entered the car rental business.

By strategically associating with Intel employee Nandini, he expanded his services to meet the transportation needs of Intel employees.

The business gained momentum, and by 2004, he had a modest fleet of 5-6 cars. It was at this juncture that Ramesh Babu took a bold step by venturing into the luxury car rental segment.

Defying Doubts:

Contrary to the advice of many who doubted the success of luxury car rentals in India, Ramesh Babu trusted his instincts.

Acquiring luxury cars, including a new Mercedes, proved to be a game-changer. His foresight and courage in breaking stereotypes paid off, and his business soared to new heights.

Triumph of Grit:

Ramesh Babu’s journey from a small salon to the kingpin of luxury car rentals is a testament to his resilience and unwavering spirit.

The initial skepticism and challenges only fueled his determination.

Today, he owns 400 luxury cars and commands a turnover of Rs. 20 crores, showcasing that giving up was never an option for this tenacious entrepreneur.


Ramesh Babu’s life story exemplifies the adage that one is never defeated until one gives up.

His journey from being a barber to an entrepreneur with a flourishing luxury car rental business serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals.

Ramesh Babu’s story resonates with the belief that with grit, determination, and a bit of risk-taking, one can overcome challenges and script their path to success.