In 2016, the dynamic sister duo Gayatri Rattha and Shivanie Mirchandani embarked on a flavorful journey by launching MINUS30, a vegan ice cream brand, straight from their mother’s kitchen.

What began as a passion project has now evolved into a thriving business that resonates with the growing consciousness of veganism and healthy living.

MINUS30’s unique approach to crafting dairy-free ice cream has captured the taste buds of a diverse consumer base, propelling them to a current revenue of Rs. 4 crores.

The Vegan Revolution:

Observing the global shift towards plant-based diets, especially veganism.

Gayatri and Shivanie recognized an opportunity to introduce a vegan ice cream that not only appealed to the taste buds but also aligned with the conscious food choices of a growing audience.

According to a 2019 STATISTA report, 52% of 6234 people surveyed were following a plant-based diet, indicating the increasing popularity of veganism.

The MINUS30 Vegan Ice Cream:

MINUS30 sets itself apart by creating vegan ice creams made from soy, almond, cashew, coconut, or rice milk, without the use of sugar.

This thoughtful combination caters to individuals seeking dairy-free alternatives while ensuring a delectable and guilt-free indulgence.

Strategic Marketing:

To introduce their product to the market, the sisters adopted a direct-to-customer approach.

Leveraging the power of personal networks, they initiated marketing efforts through WhatsApp messages within their community.

The creation of an official website, further expanded their reach, making it convenient for customers to explore their offerings and place orders.

Sales and Growth:

The initial stage saw humble beginnings, with 5 to 10 orders per day in the first year.

However, as the awareness and demand for vegan alternatives grew, MINUS30 experienced a significant upswing.

Presently, the brand receives a remarkable 150 orders per day, translating to 5000 orders per month. A notable achievement is that 80% of their sales come from repeat customers, showcasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Secrets to Success:

MINUS30’s triumphant journey is attributed to three key elements – flavors, quality, and consistency.

Their diverse and innovative range of flavors captures the essence of traditional favorites while introducing exciting new combinations.

The unwavering commitment to quality ingredients ensures a delightful and premium product.

However, it is their mastery in maintaining the consistency that has set them apart, a pivotal factor in their success.

Challenges and Game Changers:

Among the challenges faced by MINUS30, maintaining consistency emerges as a critical aspect.

Yet, the sisters have adeptly managed this challenge, turning it into a potential game-changer.

The ability to deliver a consistently high-quality product has not only established MINUS30’s reputation but has also contributed significantly to customer retention and business growth.


MINUS30’s incredible journey from a home kitchen to a revenue of Rs. 4 crores showcases the power of passion, innovation, and a keen understanding of market trends.

As the vegan movement gains momentum, MINUS30’s commitment to offering delightful, high-quality, and consistent vegan ice creams positions them as pioneers in the industry, poised for further success in the evolving landscape of conscious consumer choices.