In the ever-evolving landscape of nutrition, Rishub Satiya, an alumnus of IIT Roorkee, embarked on a journey that led to the creation and subsequent sale of PLIX, a plant-based protein brand, for a staggering Rs. 370 crores.

Recognizing the gap in protein consumption in India, Rishub envisioned PLIX as a one-stop solution for millennials seeking a healthy, plant-based alternative.

The Birth of PLIX:

While studying at IIT Roorkee, Rishub noticed a prevalent issue – the inadequate fulfillment of protein needs among Indians.

This realization, coupled with the desire to create a product addressing this gap, gave birth to the idea of PLIX – a plant-based protein brand that would offer a daily nutritional solution appealing to the millennial generation.

The Millennial Nutrition Challenge:

The fast-paced corporate lifestyle was taking a toll on the health of millennials, marked by a lack of nutrition in their diets.

Additionally, existing brands in the category often carried a bodybuilding-centric image, creating a need for a brand like PLIX that was focused on everyday nutrition.

PLIX’s Solutions:

  1. No Artificial Additions: PLIX is committed to providing a clean, natural product without any artificial additives.
  2. Plant-Based Protein: Recognizing the shift towards plant-based diets, PLIX positioned itself as a provider of plant-based protein.
  3. Immunity-Boosting Super Green Powder: Addressing the growing need for immunity-boosting products, PLIX introduced a super green powder.

The PLIX Journey:

In 2019, Rishub began manufacturing at his Pune factory, utilizing his savings from his consulting job.

PLIX products hit the market through Amazon and the brand’s own website. Securing a substantial funding of 5 million dollars in the same year, PLIX focused on expansion and product diversification.

Remarkable Growth:

By 2023, PLIX had achieved remarkable success with online sales propelling its revenue to Rs. 100 crores.

The brand’s impressive growth and market presence caught the attention of MARICO Industries, leading to the acquisition of PLIX for a substantial Rs. 370 crores.

This strategic move by MARICO reflects the dynamism of the nutraceutical market, which has burgeoned from Rs. 26,000 crores in 2017 to Rs. 65,000 crores in 2022.

Market Dynamics and MARICO’s Aggressive Strategy:

The significant expansion in the nutraceutical market signifies a shift in consumer preferences towards health and wellness.

MARICO, by acquiring PLIX, positions itself aggressively in this thriving sector.

The Rs. 370 crores acquisition marks not just a transaction but an entry into a domain where innovative, plant-based nutrition solutions are gaining prominence.


Rishub Satiya’s journey from a consultant to the successful sale of PLIX for Rs. 370 crores exemplifies the potential and growing demand for plant-based nutrition in India.

PLIX’s story stands as a testament to the changing dietary preferences of millennials and the rising importance of health-conscious choices.

The acquisition by MARICO is a strategic move that aligns with the evolving consumer landscape, underscoring the significance of plant-based nutrition in the future of the Indian nutraceutical industry.