Empowering Women Globally: WanderingJane’s Journey from Dreams to Reality”


In the realm of travel startups, WanderingJane stands out, bringing women together on unique journeys of self-discovery.

Founded by Garima Pande and Akshat Sharma in 2017, WanderingJane is a one-of-a-kind initiative that curates women-only trips, fostering connections, confidence, and cultural experiences.

This startup, conceived by women, for women, and of women, is making waves in the travel industry, recording a remarkable 20% month-on-month growth.

Inspiration Behind WanderingJane:

Garima Pande’s upbringing in an army family exposed her to the joys of constant travel, where every move brought new experiences and cultural nuances.

However, she noticed that many travelers missed out on the authentic local touch of the places they visited.

This observation, coupled with her passion for exploring, laid the foundation for WanderingJane.

Mission and Approach:

WanderingJane’s mission is to empower women to travel freely and confidently while fostering connections with locals.

The startup offers a unique blend of adventure, cultural immersion, and relaxation through women-only trips.

These trips include fun activities like yoga, surfing, trekking, and rafting, creating an environment where women can bond, share stories, and make lasting memories.

Women Empowering Women:

What sets WanderingJane apart is its commitment to empowering women at every level.

Almost 85% of the homestays partnered with WanderingJane are operated by women, creating economic opportunities and promoting financial independence.

Additionally, around 70% of the local specialists involved in crafting the travel experiences are also women, ensuring a female-led approach from planning to execution.

Achievements and Growth:

Since its inception, WanderingJane has organized 100 solo trips and 200 customized trips, facilitating meaningful experiences for women of all ages.

The startup’s unique model allocates 10% of its margins to cover operational costs, with 40% going to homestays and 50% dedicated to various activities and services included in the packages.

Expanding Horizons:

As WanderingJane continues to carve a niche in the travel industry, Garima Pande envisions expanding its reach.

The startup has plans to introduce more innovative and empowering travel experiences for women.

To fuel this expansion, WanderingJane is actively seeking funds, expressing confidence in securing the support needed to take their vision to new heights.


WanderingJane’s journey from a visionary idea to a thriving travel startup showcases the transformative impact women can have in empowering one another.

By creating a platform that prioritizes female-led initiatives, this startup has not only provided women with the freedom to explore the world but has also contributed to local economies and communities.

As WanderingJane seeks to secure funds for further expansion, it stands poised to redefine women’s travel experiences on a global scale, making the world a more accessible and inclusive place for women of all walks of life.