In the heart of Coimbatore, a transformative culinary journey began in 2015 when Subhadhra Ramamoorthy, the founder of PvRFoods, decided to redefine the way we perceive our daily meals.

PvRFoods is not just a product startup; it’s a story of resilience, determination, and the unwavering belief that what we eat profoundly impacts our health and well-being.

The Journey:

Subhadhra’s journey into the world of millet-based products was sparked by personal struggles.

Faced with hormonal imbalances, two miscarriages, and thyroid-related issues, she realized that the key to her well-being lay in the food she consumed.

In 2015, armed with an investment of Rs 20 lakh, she took the plunge into the uncharted waters of millet processing.

Having spent more than 15 years building an IT department, Subhadhra made a radical career shift, leaving her position as the CEO and Vice-Principal of a college to delve into the world of food technology.

Her journey led her to the Central Food Technological Research Institute, where she meticulously researched millet processing to address the pain points associated with traditional methods.

The initial years were fraught with challenges.

In 2016, PvRFoods sold a mere 15 packets in the first month, faced rejection from shopkeepers unwilling to stock their products, and struggled with unsold inventory.

However, Subhadhra’s resilience came to the fore in 2017 when she took bold steps to turn the tide.

Hiring ex-students and paying them stipends, Subhadhra and her team took to the streets, demonstrating the goodness of millet-based products.


Millet idlis and dosas were prepared outside grocery stores, offering potential customers a taste of the nutritious and delicious alternatives.

Slowly but surely, customers started buying the products, marking the turning point for PvRFoods.

Today, PvRFoods boasts an impressive array of 83 millet-based products, priced between Rs 45 to Rs 80, catering to a diverse customer base both online and offline.

From millet flour and chapati mix to noodles and dosa batter, the startup produces 3000 packets of 600 gm each day.

Its products have found their way into hospitals, office canteens, and gyms, a testament to their growing popularity.


More than just a business, Subhadhra’s vision for PvRFoods goes beyond profits.

By hiring 30 women, she has not only provided employment but also empowered them to create food using millet products, earning up to Rs 8000 per month.

It’s a circle of empowerment, where the benefits of millet-based nutrition extend beyond the consumers to the producers themselves.


In a world where dietary choices are increasingly under scrutiny, PvRFoods stands as a beacon of health-conscious innovation.

Subhadhra Ramamoorthy’s journey from IT to millets exemplifies the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and the belief that a small change in our daily diet can lead to a healthier and more nourished life.