The journey of Suguna Group from humble beginnings to becoming a force in the poultry industry reflects the vision, innovation, and commitment of its founders.

G B Soundararajan, inspired by his experiences and interactions with farmers, embarked on a mission to revolutionize poultry farming in India.

From an initial investment of Rs. 5000 in 1986, Suguna Group has grown into a powerhouse with a revenue of Rs. 12,000 Crore in 2023, making a significant impact on the country’s poultry and agriculture landscape.

The Genesis:

After a stint in vegetable farming proved unprofitable, Soundararajan’s encounter with the challenges faced by poultry farmers sparked a new idea.

Recognizing the inefficiencies in the supply chain for chicken feed and rice husk, he, along with his brother, ventured into supplying these inputs directly to poultry farmers.

Challenges and Solutions:

  • Diverse Vendors: Farmers were dealing with multiple vendors, each adding to the cost of inputs.
  • Solution: Introduce contract poultry farming where Suguna became a one-stop-shop for inputs, reducing costs and providing better support to farmers.
  • Financial Strain on Farmers: The conventional model led to financial stress on farmers, often defaulting on payments.
  • Solution: Implement a sustainable model where farmers receive fixed payments every two months, creating a reliable income stream and performance incentives.
  1. Pioneering Contract Farming: Suguna pioneered contract farming, contributing to 80% of poultry farming in India today. This model has impacted 40,000 farmers across 15,000 villages in 18 states.

Impact and Reach:

Suguna’s impact extends beyond the numbers.

By addressing food safety concerns and promoting nutrition safety, Suguna aims to position India as a leader in protein production.

The group’s commitment to providing affordable, quality protein to every household while inclusively engaging small and marginal farmers reflects its dedication to being a “Farm to Fork” company.

The Goal: “Protein Leader with Safe and Healthy Food”

Suguna’s vision is clear – to make India a protein leader while ensuring food safety and inclusivity.

By embracing a holistic approach, Suguna aims to provide affordable, quality protein to every household, making a significant contribution to the nation’s nutrition landscape.


Suguna Group’s remarkable journey showcases how a small initiative can evolve into a transformative force.

By empowering farmers, embracing innovation, and championing sustainability, Suguna has not only thrived as a business but has also played a pivotal role in India’s poultry and agriculture sectors.

As it continues to grow, Suguna remains committed to its mission of providing safe and healthy protein to every Indian household, leaving a lasting legacy in the country’s food industry.